What to Expect

What to Expect

We have recently placed guidelines for reopening due to covid-19. These will change what to expect on a typical day. To read our reopening guidelines, click here.

You will be greeted by a friendly face.

To us, this is our home. So when you arrive, we consider you a guest! So yes, you will be greeted with a smile. Unfortunately, to remain safe, we are not hugging or shaking hands.

Currently, we do not have a separate activity for the children.

Because of COVID-19, the children remain upstairs with the rest of the church. Parents/guardians are welcome to take their child(ren) downstairs if they need to calm them down or play with them. Each parent/guardian is responsible for their own child.

We start at 11:00am!

We usually sing three worship songs. Our songs are filled with passion and truth. We sing faster-paced songs as well as slower-paced songs.

We do this because we love Jesus and want to glorify Him together through singing and in various styles of music. When we sing songs of worship, we’re also singing the Truth of the Pure Word of God.

We read and study God’s Word through a message of hope.

The sermons Pastor Tim preaches challenge us to see the Truth for ourselves and apply the Truth to our lives every week. Our goal is that you’re never left confused about God’s Word. We want you to understand it, apply it, and fall in love with it. Pastor Tim’s sermons are usually 35-45 minutes in duration.

Communion, Giving, and Prayer

The first Sunday of each month, we take part in Communion, where we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every week after the sermon, we collect tithes and offerings. We do not expect any of our guests to give. There is no “cover charge”. We don’t want your money, we want your heart. So we ask that everyone give only if they are doing so cheerfully, knowing that they are investing in God’s Kingdom when they do so.

To close the service, we say a prayer of faith. This is when we ask God to heal, strengthen, and encourage us as we go back to our homes, schools, and jobs.

We’re always here if you have any questions about our church and services! We’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.