Pictures for Renovations

Pictures for Renovations

Here is a video of me going through the sanctuary and showing you how things look and shooting some ideas.

UPDATE: For the stage, we wouldn't use red carpet. We would make it a nice dark wood or whatever looks amazing!

If you want to save the pictures, just click on the picture, and right-click on it in the center of the picture. Then "Save Image As".



Entrance/Welcome Center

Main Sanctuary

Keep in mind that the side windows will be blocked so that no natural lighting will come in. The light setting will be controlled inside.

Below are some examples of nice looking drum enclosures.

I would like the drum enclosure to look like it is part of the building, not an addition.

Christmas tree won't be there by the way.

This is a side hallway in the main sanctuary. This can be used for more Welcome Center stuff, coffee tables with high chairs, sign up tables, etc.

Baptistmal Tank

I would love to have a baptistmal tank on the stage; however, we already don't have much room so I'm not sure if we should put it on the stage and use up stage space. I have seen baptismal tanks that are underneath the stage, but we would have to make the stage a lot higher to accomplish that.


We would replace the pews with chairs. That way, the sanctuary can be used for different purposes (small groups, Bible studies, rock shows, etc.)

Not sure about the color yet but this is similar to what we would do.

Sound Absorption Panels

The reverb is really loud in this building because of the hude concrete walls. These are where the sound absorption panels will go. Below are some examples.

It doesn't have to be this design, but it would need to look nice!


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