Serving at Bethlehem Emergency Shelter

Serving at Bethlehem Emergency Shelter

Our church will be serving those in need at the Bethlehem Emergency Shelter. We will be checking people in, assigning them to beds, serving them dinner, and showing them the love of Jesus.

If you are already registered to volunteer, please do the following prior to volunteering:

  1. Fill out the Volunteer Application Form and bring it with you when you volunteer. Click here to view and print.
  2. Read the Volunteer Orientation Training. Click here to view and read.

Parking and Entering Information

You should be able to find street parking right on Center St, but please READ THE SIGNS CAREFULLY. If you decide to park on the street, please be aware that some spots are designated 2-hour parking and the Bethlehem Parking Authority WILL ticket you.

If you can’t find any street parking, you can park at the rear of the John F. Herron Funeral Home 458 Center St, Bethlehem, PA 18018. When parking there, please face your cars toward Center Street.

Please display the “volunteer parking” sign on your dashboard. We will make these signs available on Sunday services for you or you can print one yourself by clicking here to download and print the sign.

DO NOT PARK at James Funeral home (they will tow your car).

Please see the images below to give you ideas on where you can park and where to enter (depending on what time you arrive).


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