Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University

Are you ready to take control of your money? Financial Peace University (FPU) is a nine-lesson course designed to help you build a budget, dump debt, grow your wealth, and leave money stress behind! Each lesson, taught by Dave Ramsey and his team of financial experts, is based on biblical wisdom and common sense. In your FPU group, you’ll be motivated and encouraged by others just like you!

When you sign up for FPU, you’ll get:

  • Accountability and encouragement with your local group
  • Necessary materials to win on your journey
  • 1 year of FREE access to tools that work the plan with you, including EveryDollar Plus (a $99 value)
  • Newly refreshed content, including two bonus courses
  • Your member workbook
  • One year of Financial Peace Membership


  1. Bill Hines

    Hey, it’s Bill Hines (your local Dave Ramsey coach). I’m so happy that Pastor Tim & Melinda will be hosting this class! We’re going to have fun and change lives together in a judgment-free zone. This is the answer to changing your lives, starting fresh in 2020, and building your future dreams, whatever that may be. I can’t wait get started!

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